Friday, 21 September 2012

Friday, 27 January 2012

New title on Kindle Direct

Just to let the world know: I have published a third book on Amazon Kindle, Getting Over Madeleine. (That's the UK site, but it's also on if that's your bag.)  From the description:
Can second love ever compete with first? Jane is already something of a sceptic about men, and when she meets Michael, she is sure there must be a catch. The accidental discovery of a cache of old love-letters leads to the unfolding of a tragic and surprising story buried in his past. Why has he told her nothing of the mysterious Madeleine? And how can Jane ever hope to replace her in his heart?

This is by turns a comic and poignant tale, an intimate story of a woman in love, and an emotional journey of discovery. Will either of them finally succeed in getting over Madeleine?
Think Helen Fielding meets Thomas Hardy and you'll get the general idea.


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A new year

Well, it's time to start talking to the world. I have self-published two of my novels now, and with a third on the way it might be time for a new online presence.
This blog is intended mostly as a place for me to sound off about the meaning of life, state of the world and whatever other trivia happens to be on my mind at the moment. It's more open-ended than the View Through a Small Window blog, which is focussed on the goings-on at our smallholding. It may or may not be more fun to read, depending on how interested you are in chickens.
So welcome 2012, and if you have been, thank you for reading this far.